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Things to do in Lagos

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Nestled in the Algarve region of Portugal, the city of Lagos is home to all you will ever need when holidaying abroad. With a mix of fun activities for people of all ages, lashings of culture and history and some beautiful beaches to relax on when you need a break, if you’re planning on visiting Lagos, you certainly won’t run out of things to do.

Discover amazing animals

The Lagos Zoo is the perfect destination for a day out, whether you’re on holiday as a family or as a couple. The Lagos Zoo boasts a fantastic collection of birds, making up at least half of the 350-strong variety of animals, and are free to fly around large aviaries, making it very easy to see their colours and characteristics.

There are also lots of mammals to visit, such as more than a dozen monkey species, wild cats, and a variety of amphibians. Excitingly, there is also the opportunity to interact with the playful lemurs for an extra fee.

Explore Lagos’ rich culture

Lagos contains a wealth of culture, free and easy to explore during your holiday. From churches to museums, there’s so much to discover, we thought it best to list a few of our recommended things to do:
Old Lagos is the name given to the historic core of the town, established in the 16th Century by the walls that surround it. Also nestled within the walls of Old Lagos, is a monument to a grim period in the city’s history; the Mercado de Escravos’ role within Lagos was to act as the slave market for over 250 years from 1444 until its dissolution. It is a stark reminder of the human cost of the Age of Discovery.

The Forte da Ponta da Bandeira is a medieval fort, constructed in the 17th Century at the end of the Bensafrim canal in Lagos, to protect the coast from attacks from the pirates and the Spanish in the 1600s. The fort is also home to a museum dedicated to Portuguese discoveries from their Age of Discovery.

Other museums located in Lagos include the Museu Municipal Dr José Formosinho, which is connected to the beautiful Igreja de Santo António, to commemorate the history of the area, from the Neolithic period, all the way to the Age of Discovery and the present day. The Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos is a great destination for holidaying families who want to get out of the sun for a while, providing insights into a combination of shipbuilding and cartography, mixed with modern science and technology.

Bury your feet in the sand

Lagos, like much of the Algarve region, has access to some wonderful beaches that will allow you to catch up on some much-needed R&R while on holiday. From the enchanting grottoes and limestone spires of the Ponta da Piedade, to the silky white sands of the Praia Dona Ana and the Praia do Camilo, there’s plenty of space for any beach related activities and relaxation.

Beaches aren’t just for relaxation though, and if you’re getting bored with lying on the sand, there are more than enough activities to keep you occupied, such as a number of watersports – including paddleboarding and surfing – and boat trips to go dolphin spotting.

And who could forget the food?

We couldn’t talk about the Algarve region without mentioning the fantastic selection of food available, inspired by Portuguese tradition and culture. As an established fishing region, you’ll be able to find more than your fair share of seafood and fish, fresh on the day, as well as a number of other classic Portuguese delicacies, both savoury and sweet, in the restaurants nestled around Lagos.

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