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Winter Holidays

Don't be put off in the winter months! Thanks to the Algarve's southerly location and enviable climate winter at Quinta do Rosal is still incredibly mild with temperatures usually between 16° C - 19° C. Escape to Portugal for the winter and enjoy a relaxing holiday somewhere special.

Quieter and Calmer

The weather is still warm enough for you to do all of the things you want to do, but because it's winter the area is noticeably less crowded! Enjoy the best of both worlds and experience all the attractions with much shorter queues and benefit from quieter surroundings. You'll be able to share the Algarve's best bits, the beaches, the golf courses and the stunning views with fewer neighbours. Take advantage of the calm, quiet surroundings.

Golf Courses and Beaches

With this in mind, there's plenty to enjoy outside of the resort. We can provide you with discounts for the myriad of Golf courses that surround the resort as well as provide plenty of information on the best beaches to visit.

The Algarve is famous for its golf courses and a number of them are championship standard with exquisite views. The beaches too are renowned far and wide as some of the best in the world: golden sands, picturesque cliffs and twinkling blue as far as the eye can see. Now imagine being able to enjoy all of that without the crowds of the summer. Bliss!

For more information on which golf courses and which beaches are the best to visit, take a look at the respective pages on our website here and here.

Food and Drink

There is a great range of bars and restaurants in the local area if you fancy an evening indoors. Many establishments pride themselves on fresh, seasonal produce so you can try all the interesting flavours of winter.

If you fancy keeping things really local, Quinta do Rosal has a bar and restaurant on site. You can enjoy the local cuisine right on your doorstep and with cooler temperatures in the evening you can sit with a refreshing beverage outside the onsite bar. Absorb the tranquil atmosphere outside your holiday accommodation and watch the sunset in peace.

Our selection of properties is wide and caters for all tastes. You’ll benefit from a large variety of amenities and features as well as the 6 day cleaning service, linen change every week and two towel changes a week. Everything you need to enjoy a fantastic winter stay in the Algarve.

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